Rosemary Potato Soup

Hi everyone! How are you? I hope everybody is great. I’ve been busy settling down with my family after we moved to a new state. Things are less busy now, and I’m back in my kitchen. yay~~~ So, I will try to post more recipes now. I’m sorry for my slow posting and I appreciate all your comments, so please feel free to talk to me through my blog. The cooler weather is bringing in soup season. So today, I want to share a simple, yet delicious, homemade rosemary potato soup. My husband bought rosemary potato soup in a store and really liked it. I tried making it at home. It is not quite the same as the one from the store, but my husband was happy with the result. The creamy rosemary flavored soup with chunky vegetables is too good to miss for this time of year. Try it someday. :)

Yield: 4 Servings

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Mackerel Cakes

There are several great foods that I learned to make from my mother-in-law. Red salmon cakes is one of them. My mother-in-law makes very delicious salmon cakes with canned red salmon. Every now and then, I have difficulty finding canned red salmon in a store and the price keeps increasing. The last time I bought a can, it was almost 9 dollars. I’ve already tried pink salmon as a substitute because it’s much cheaper than red salmon. However, the flavor is not quite right. It tells me that you get what you pay for. Anyway, I didn’t give up and I still wanted to find a good replacement. It should be a good price, healthy, and more importantly, tasty. I finally found the answer: Sempio’s canned mackerel. As you know, mackerel is considered as a healthy fish, like salmon. Canned mackerel is about 1/3 the price. Plus, surprisingly, the mackerel cakes had a similar flavor and texture compared to the salmon cakes – closer than pink salmon. So, I’m very excited to share my delicious mackerel cake recipe with you today. All my family enjoyed them. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Try them someday. :)

Yield: 6 Cakes

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Tiny Anchovy KimBap

잔멸치 김밥, JanMyeolChi GimBap

Today, I want to share one of my kids’ favorite recipes using dried tiny anchovies. Tiny anchovies are called “janmyeolchi” in Korean. They are mainly used for side dishes in Korean cuisine. You can make a very simple, healthy, and tasty kimbap with this side dish in 30 minutes. The small size of kimbap is perfect for kids. Our children loved it very much. Try this savory kid friendly kimbap someday.

Yield: 48 Pieces

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Seasoned Cuttlefish Jeon

오징어채전, OJingEoChaeJeon

Seasoned cuttlefish is called JinmiChae or OJingEoChae in Korean. It is a shredded, seasoned, and dried squid. Koreans like to eat it just plain as a snack, as a side with roasted peanuts and beer, or as a side dish after cooking it. A long time ago, I showed you how to make a very popular Korean side dish made with seasoned cuttle fish called “OJingEoChae Bokkeum.” Today, I will make seasoned cuttlefish jeon. The seasoned cuttlefish is salty, savory, and has a nice chewy texture. Once you try this jeon, you will love it. Plus, when you have leftover vegetables in your refrigerator, this can be a great way to clean up those leftovers. :) Your kids do not like to eat vegetables? Sneak the healthy vegetables into this jeon, and then your kids will start to enjoy their vegetables. Try it someday. :)

Yield: 12 Pieces

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Shishito Peppers Jjim

꽈리고추 찜, GgwaRiGoChu Jjim

Today, I will share a delicious Summer side dish with Shishito peppers called GgwaRiGoChu. The steamed shishito peppers seasoned with a savory sauce are crunch, spicy, salty, and slightly sweet. This is one of the Korean side dishes that you can make ahead of time and serve for many meals. Try this simple and tasty side dish someday.

Yield: 2 Servings

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