Shiitake Mushrooms and Beef Jeon

표고버섯 전, PyoGoBeoSeot Jeon

Hi everyone! Can you see my excited face? I’m back again with a super delicious recipe with shiitake mushrooms and beef. Shitake mushrooms are called a natural seasoning because they have very good natural flavoring. Dried shiitake mushrooms are often used to make broth in Korean cuisine. Shiitake mushrooms are a great match with beef for both flavor and texture. Therefore, this jeon makes a very flavorful dish with good nutrition. The tender meat inside of the chewy mushroom is awesome together. Try it someday.

Yield: 10 Pieces

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Mung Bean Jelly with Veggies and Beef

탕평채, TangPyeongChae

Hi everyone! Today I will make a delicious Korean traditional food made with mung bean jelly. It is called “TangPyeonChae” in Korean. The soft and chewy mung bean jelly mixed with seasoned beef, watercress, egg, and dried laver makes a perfect main dish for your special meal. It is very colorful and tasty. Try it someday. :)

Yield: 4 Servings

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Mung Bean Muk

청포묵, CheongPoMuk

Mung bean jelly, called “CheongPoMuk” in Korean, is a good diet food because it is low in calories. As the name implies, it is a jelly made with mung bean starch. You can use it in a delicious salad or soup. For people who cannot get this mung bean jelly in a store, I will show you how to make it from a scratch. :)

Yield: 3 Pounds

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Onion Jeon

양파전, YangPaJeon

Hi everyone! Today, I will introduce a tasty jeon made with onion and beef that is common for Korean traditional holidays. The slightly sweet onion flavor, along with the seasoned beef, makes a perfect jeon. This can be a great party appetizer for your holiday meals. Try it someday. :)

Yield: 20 Pieces

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Crown Daisy and Squid Jeon

쑥갓 오징어전, SsukGat OJingEoJeon

Hi everyone! Today, I will make a super delicious Korean pancake, or jeon, with crown daisy and squid. Crown daisy has it’s own unique flavor and it tastes so good when you make jeon with it. The flavor of crown daisy, squid, and other vegetables is delicious. It has a crispy and chewy batter that is perfect dipped in the savory dipping sauce. Try it someday.

Yield: 20 Pieces

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