Oil DdeokBokkI

기름 떡볶이, GiReum DdeoBokkI

Hi Everyone! For this recipe, I have a 5 star recipe (out of five) that my husband gave. It is oil ddeokbokki, called “기름 떡볶이” in Korean. Yes, you know ddeokbooki – it is a soft, chewy, sweet, and (often) spicy rice cake dish. It is very popular everywhere in Korea. This oil ddeokbokki is a little different from normal ddeokbokki for the flavor and especially the texture. It is more crispy and chewy. It has more hot pepper powder flavor in it than normal ddeokbokki. If you are tired of same old ddeokbooki, here is something different, yet delicious for you to try.

BTW, how are you all doing? It’s been about a half year since we moved to Korea. Life is pretty busy here, but thankfully, the kids adjusted well. Bryson and Logan are both doing great for their Korean and English speaking abilities. Bryson likes his kindergarten very much. My husband, Jason is in a vacation mood in Korea while he is preparing to get a job. It is rainy season now here, so it is hot and humid. The spring was awesome with a lot of cool breezes and beautiful nature. I’m out of control for eating Korean food, so I’m not doing very well with my diet. lol But for now, I will enjoy my delicious Korean food that I missed for years in America. hehe I just wanted to give you a brief update about us. I hope everybody stays cool and healthy. ^^ p.s Please leave a comment because I love reding your comments. :)

Yield: 2 Servings

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Fast-fermented Soybean Paste JJiGae

CheongGukJang JjiGae, 청국장 찌개

Today, I will introduce a very traditional and popular Korean soup made with fermented soybean paste. Many of you already may know about Korean soybean paste soup. If you are into it, you will love this healthier version. The only one downside for this soup is that it has a strong  smell that might make you hesitant to try it. However, that smell is deceiving. It has great flavor. :) With all the vegetables and tofu, you can enjoy a good combination of flavor and texture. Try it someday. ^^

Yield: 4 Servings

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Tofu Kimchi Jeon

두부 김치전, DuBu Kimchi Jeon

Hi everyone. Today, I will introduce another delicious recipe with 2 matching ingredients – tofu and kimchi. In Korean cuisine, there are several dishes that use both ingredients such as tofu kimchi, tofu kimchi stew, and so on. It shows that tofu and kimchi are a great combination of flavors. So I decided to make jeon with those 2 ingredients. Spicy kimchi and the nutty flavor of tofu, along with other vegetable ingredients, makes for a very tasty jeon. I love this jeon with a crispy outside and soft inside. Try it someday.

Yield: 30 Pieces

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Squid and Veggie Rolls

오징어 야채롤, OJingEo YaChaeRoll

Hi everyone! Today I opened my refrigerator and found many different kinds of leftover vegetables and I just picked up some fresh squid from the market. I wanted to make some delicious food that would use up my vegetables. This recipe is what I got from the idea. :) It is a fancy looking squid roll with lots of vegetables and a sweet and spicy sauce. All the vegetable flavors mixed into the chewy-tender squid is very delicious. If you need to clean up your refrigerator, or you want to try something special, try this recipe someday. :)

Yield: 2 Servings

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