Garlic Chive Jeon

부추전, BuChuJeon

Buchu Jeon is a popular Korean snack. Sometimes Koreans like to eat jeon (pancakes) on rainy days because it is a simple and quick snack to make without going out in the rain. Many Koreans believe that garlic chives helps fight colds and it makes the stomach strong. If you can’t find jeon flour (Korean pancake mix), then you can use normal flour with the addition of one egg.

Yield: 1 Dozen Pancakes

Short Korean Lesson

  • BuChu (부추) = Garlic Chive
  • Jeon (전) = Name for Korean Style Pancake

Video Instructions

Main Ingredients

Dipping Sauce Ingredients



Prepare about 8 oz of garlic chives by removing any bad parts from both ends, and rinsing them in water.


Chop the garlic chives into 2 inch pieces.


Slice 1 onion and 1 hot pepper thinly.


In a mixing bowl, combine 3 cups of flour, 3 cups of water, and 1 tsp of salt.


Mix it. The consistency will be a little more runny than American style pancake mix.


Add the vegetables into the batter and mix again.


In a generously oiled and heated pan, pour a scope of pancake batter.


Spreading it out thinly and evenly is a key to making delicious pancakes. :)


When the surface of the pancake is half dried, flip it over.


Fry it on medium-high until both sides of the pancake become golden brown.


To make the dipping sauce, combine 1½ Tbsp of soy sauce and ½ tsp of vinegar. Depending on your taste, you can add some red pepper powder, sesame seeds, chopped green onion, or chopped hot peppers.


Try these delicious garlic chive pancakes someday. :)


  1. Kwan says

    I’ve tried making Jeon twice. The first recipe I followed did not yield very tasty result. Your recipe turns out fantastic. I ate the first Jeon all by myself as I fried the second one! I find the introduction, hints and lesson very helpful and interesting. Thanks for sharing! k

  2. junki3korean says

    Hi Aeri,

    Say to make a kimchi pah jeon or he mul pah jeon is it easy as just adding kim chi or seafood to your mix? Would I need to add kim chi kumul for the mix to get that red colour and flavour….. thanks Aeri (noona) 😉

  3. missginakong says

    안녕하세요! I love your web page~ I subscribed to your youtube too~~ ^_^ I make my 파전 with 고추장. 1 or 2 TBSP. Even 김치 부친개. I just wanted to share something a little different with you. I hope you have a wonderful day~~ ^_^v

    • says

      Hi, missingnakong
      hehe.. you are my subscriber on youtube right ?? hehe.. Yes, I remember your name. Wow.. 파전 with 고추장.. That’s different..but sounds good !!! Thanks for sharing your idea for cooking !!! hehe

  4. Gabriel Loidolt says

    Dear Aeri!

    I love your cooking-lectures and the Korean cuisine. Especially in winter corean cooking is the best I can imagine in Central Europe because the climate and fauna in Austria is very similar to the climate in Hanguk. In order not to waste your time here my special question: Is “Jeon flower” a very special flower? (Consisting of wheat? Of Rice? Or is it like the flower for making Japanese Tempura?).
    I have to ask this because in my small town Graz (250.000 inhabitants) there are some Asian stores but no korean one in which I could ask for advice.

    With best greetings from the heart of Europe,

    Gabriel Loidolt
    불키 (= nickname)

    • says

      Hi, 불키 ^^
      Nice to meet you!! I’m sorry that my videos and recipes don’t explain about ingredients enough. I’m working on ingredients part for my blog nowadays, hopefully it will be done soon. About your question, Jeon is Korean pancake in Korean.. so jean flour is… kind of pancake mix for Korean jeon. The companies add onion powder, pepper, egg..something like this to normal flour..and make it easy for your jeon..since you can simply mix it with water…but personally..I like to mix jeon flour and normal flour (or sometimes..a little bit of frying mix ) for my jeon. I do think you can just use normal flour and add 1 or 2 eggs to your batter if you can’t find jeon flour. 😀 Thank you very much for your kind comment. Hope to see you soon again. bye ~~

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