Yellow Pickled Radish

단무지, DanMuJi

Company: Pulmuone/ Product Name: Gardenia Seeds Half-cut Pickled Radish

No Preservative, No MSG, No Artificial Coloring, No Saccharin, No Glacial Acetic Acid

Recently, I learned that some of the artificial ingredients in pickled radishes are not good for health. Some examples of those ingredients are: food coloring, preservatives, MSG, and saccharin. Should I give up eating this delicious food for health? I stopped buying it for a while; however, whenever I was hungry for kimbap, I wished there was a healthy pickled radish. One day, I found this Gardenia Seeds pickled radish from a Korean grocery store. It did not have the unhealthy ingredients that I was afraid to eat. So, I was excited to try it. The taste is not as good as the normal pickled radish, but it is good enough to use, especially considering how much healthier it is. 😀 The more I eat it, the more I become accustomed to it and like it. If you can find it in a Korean grocery store, try it someday.

Takuan, also known as takuwan, is a popular traditional Japanese pickle. Takuan is also popular in South Korea, and is called danmuji (단무지). It is made from daikon radish.

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  • Use:
    filling for KimBap, an accompaniment to Korean dishes, typically JaJangMyeon, or a side-dish.

  • Storage:
    Keep in the refrigerator.

  • Types:
    There are 2 colors of pickled radish; white and yellow.
    There are 4 kinds of shapes for pickled radish.
    1. Already cut for kimbap size.
    2.Whole radish
    3. Half cut radish (like the picture)
    4. sliced thinly ( for jajangmyeon or side-dish)

Short Korean Lesson

  • Dan (단) = Sweet
  • Ji (지) = Pickled


  1. Candi says


    How long can you keep these for once I’ve opened the package? Can I freeze them or its have to put in a tuberwear? There’s so much in a pack and I cannot finish it all so soon.


    • says

      hi Candi,
      You can keep it in the refrigerator for a month or so.. I didn’t try to freeze them before..but I guess you can do it. Thanks ^^

  2. JADE says

    Hi Aeri Lee,
    thank you for your post!!
    What do you recommand for healthy takuan? Do you have a brand + address?
    I would like to buy it from France but cannot find the healthy takuan …
    thank you for your advice

    • says

      hi JADE,
      I don’t know what kind of brand you have in France.. so It is hard to tell about it.. Check the ingredients.. the healthy one doesn’t use food coloring..and use yellow color from natural ingredient..and it doesn’t have that artificial sweetner which is the worst part of takuan.. Hope you can find something. thanks

  3. Rita says

    Hi all, I came across this website for homemade “Danmuji” recipe. I’ve tried it & approved by my Korean friends^^
    The yellow color is obtained from turmeric powder or dried chija (치자; Gardenia jasminoides).
    Please click on this website:
    Extraction for recipe:

    1 small daikon (Japanese radish), about 2 cups, peeled
    1/2 C rice vinegar
    1/2 C water
    1 TBSP sugar
    1/4 ts salt
    1 ts turmeric powder or 3-5 pieces of dried chija (치자; Gardenia jasminoides)
    Optional) 1/2 ts black peppercorns

    If you’re making this as a convenient side dish, cut daikon into thin slices then cut in half. If you’re using this mainly for a kimbap ingredient, cut in long strips.

    Mix together rice vinegar, water, sugar, turmeric (or chija), and black peppercorns. Bring the liquid up to a boil, then pour it over daikon slices.

    Cool danmuji to room temperature, then place it in an airtight container. If you want to expedite its pickling, leave it out at room temperature overnight. It should be ready to eat the next day. Store danmuji in the refrigerator. The color will continue to deepen for the next few days.

    • Maisyara says

      I came across that recipe as well and was about to try it today.
      Thank you for your review. Now I feel I can confidently try it without having to worry if it’ll work out or not. I try to have all my ingredients homemade as some of the ready made are not Muslim friendly. But that didn’t stop me from trying out Korean foods.

  4. Yantie Razli says

    I don’t think I can find instant yellow pickled radish like that in any store in my country… any possible way to DIY?

  5. says

    Hi Aerish, could you share danmuji recipe if i want to make it?
    i couldn’t find it in indonesia and i wish that i could make danmuji by myself…
    wish u can share the recipe to me.. thanks

  6. Shin Hyo Ae says

    Hi Aerish, could you share danmuji recipe if i want to make it?
    i couldn’t find it in indonesia and i wish that i could make danmuji by myself…
    wish u can share the recipe to me.. thanks

  7. Shelly says

    I found this in the Asian supermarket last weekend and was tempted to buy it but one question: is it already sweet/sour right from the package or do I have to add sugar&vinegar to it after I take it out of the package?

    • says

      hi Becky,
      에공.. 짠지라면… 구체적으로 뭘 말씀하시는건지요. ^^:; 집에서 만드는 오이 장아찌 말씀하시는지..아님 다른것을 말씀하는건지요.. 알려주세요.. 😛

  8. says

    I have trying to find the actual ingredient for the yellow pickled radish, Just like what is shown above, no clarity as to what are the mixture. Is it a secret? I am not satisfied with others shown here as it doesn’t have the same result as to the picture above. Hope you can help us out. Thanks

    • says

      hi Neny Lily Lao,
      homemade yellow pickled radish can be same as store bought..because you don’t use chemical at home..which makes it healthier but not as tasty as store bought ones.. if I can get right kind of radish and other ingredients I will make it someday. thanks

  9. Angela S. says

    Glacial acetic acid is just pure filtered vinegar. Just because it has a “chemical name” doesn’t mean it’s something to be fearful of.

    • says

      hi Angela S.
      Good information.. thanks.. There are different things that are not that healthy for our body in yellow pickled radish such as food coloring, msg, artificial sweeter.. and other chemicals.. I heard among them.. that sweeter is especially bad.. thanks

  10. Kaoula says

    hello, i was wondering if pickled radish is a must in order to make kimbap, can’t it be left out or substituded with another thing?

    • says

      hi Kaoula,
      Many Korean people agree this… to me.. pickled radish is important flavor to the kimbap.. unless you are okay about the flavor without it.. and skip it.. thanks

  11. Minnie says

    Hello…I just happen to see your videos and I am so grateful…I am so crazy with Korean food and tomorrow I will try to make Kimbap….pray for my success 😛

  12. says

    I’m really glad to see that there is a yellow pickled radish that’s free from all the harmful chemical additives. I’ve been craving some kimbap lately but I’ve been holding off because I really don’t like to include artificial food colorings or MSG in my diet. I’m definitely going to try this healthier brand you posted, if I can find it that is (otherwise I’ll have to make it myself.) I hope that Han Ah Reum carries this brand. :)

    Your website and youtube blog is incredible by the way. I’ve been observing for the past month or so and I feel like your recipes look similar to how my Mom always cooked for me, so I’m excited to try some of your dishes.

    • says

      hi Colin,
      Yes, it’s really good news for me who love kimbap that we can have healthier version of yellow pickled radish. WOW.. that’s real compliment that my recipes are similar to your mom.. mom’s food is the best.. hehe thanks

    • says

      hi Cathy,
      I need some experiences to get a good recipe for it..but yes my husband will like to try homemade healthy yellow pickled radish. ^^ If I get a success, i will post it someday. thanks :)

    • says

      hi maiira,
      I don’t know what else you can’t eat .. normal pickled radish has some chemicals and artificial sweetness in it.. that part is not that healthy.. i don’t think it has alcohol in it. ^^

  13. Carmi says

    Hi hi, ^_^

    I was wondering, how long does pickled radish last in the fridge?

    (By the way, I made GamJa JoRim yesterday. It was very delicious! I’ll be making it a lot from now on.)

    • says

      hi Carmi,
      You mean.. before you open the pack or after you open the pack ?? Since it’s pickled food.. you can keep until the using date on the package before you open..and once you open..I think you can use for about 2 or 3 weeks if you keep them well in sealed container. haha.. enjoy your gamja jorim. ^^

  14. Bella says

    Ahhh, I should of read this before going to the Market.
    I bought the white radish instead of the yellow (it looked yellow until I took it out) I was really looking forward to making KimBap with it….):
    Anywho, Thank you for all your recipes, My boyfriend loves that I cook Korean food for him even thou I’m not Korean and a bad cook so your videos are a life saver! (:

    • says

      hi Bella,
      Oh~~ white radish works same with yellow radish.. hehe 😀 So your bf is a Korean? wow,,, he will be very proud of you and happy when you cook some Korean food for him. thanks 😀

  15. Kelly says

    is danmuji good for health, aeri? i read in the wrapper that the coloring is proven to cause cancer in animals…
    also because of its sweetness, do you think a serving of it has a lot of calories? thank you

    • says

      hi Kelly,
      You are right.. it’s not healthy.. it’s sad..because I love it.. I found some brand uses healthy ingredient and skip the bad ingredient cause cancer… but.. its taste wasn’t as good as the normal one. I don’t think this one has much calories… I love kimbap.. what should I do.. hehe

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