Spicy Mackerel JoRim

고등어 조림, GoDeungEo JoRim

This dish is a spicy Korean stew using mackerel fish. The flavor of the ingredients in this stew is awesome together. If you eat this stew, you can finish your rice without any other side dishes. There is research that says the dark flesh of fish, like mackerel, is good for high blood pressure. Enjoy! 😀

Yield: 2 Servings

Short Korean Lesson

  • GoDeungEo (고등어) = Mackerel
  • Pah (파) = Green Onion

Video Instructions

Main Ingredients

Broth Ingredients

Sauce Ingredients



Cut the vegetables as pictured.


In a pan, add 2 cups of water, 6 dried anchovies, and 1 cup of radish.


Once it starts to boil, cook for 5 minutes to make the broth. Then remove the dried anchovies only.


Cut 1 mackerel into 2-3 inch pieces. Use fresh bule mackerel: not the salted one for this recipe.


In a small bowl, combine all of the ingredients for the sauce.


Put the mackerel on top of the radish and pour the sauce on top of the mackerel. Boil until the soup has reduced to half. Do not stir the mixture. Occasionally pour the stew’s broth over the fish and radish pieces.


Add the onion on top of the stew. Cook it for about 10 to 15 minutes or until the mackerel has completely cooked on high.


Again, often pour the broth on top, so it will flavor the fish and radish pieces. When the mackerel has finished cooking, add the green onions and hot peppers. Cook for 2 more minutes.


This is delicious! :)


  1. Mini says

    The flavour of the sauce is amazing. You’ve got the golden ratio here for sure! I follow it to the tee when I cook any kind of fish jorim for my in-laws and they love it. I’ve also substitute radish for tofu or potatoes and are also very delicious. Thanks for such a homey recipe, Aeri!

  2. Lily Winter says

    Hi, I made this last week. Although I tried to follow the directions carefully, it was more like a soup than a stew. I think I’ll double the sauce next time. But so delicious!! And the mackeral (I used canned) is considered healthy and ecologically responsible. Thank you!!

    • says

      hi Lily Winter,
      If you cook the lid open..and cook in right amount of high temperature.. you can reduce the broth..and it will be like stew instead of soup.. try that method if you have the same problem in the future. Thanks for trying my recipe. :)

  3. Jae says

    My boss ordered this dish at Natura Spa in Korea Town in L.A…. I love this dish and i am craving for this dish right now but I don’t want to drive to K-Town 😥 😥 😥

  4. Geetha says

    Hi Aeri,

    I’ve visited your website a couple of times now and I just love it! I’ve been wanting to cook more korean food since it’s so healthy and I’d love to try this recipe. The only problem is that I can’t find any korean radish here in Belgium :sad: What vegetables can I replace the radish with? Thank you so much for the wonderful recipes 😀

  5. Carla says

    made this one tonight and it was really a hit… since I have 6 mouths to feed and I used 3 pieces of mackerel, I tripled the amount of sauce…. it turned out really spicy but so yummy… 😛
    thanks to you, Aeri~ thank you so much for your great recipes… 😉

  6. sophia yang says

    Can i use seaweed pieces to season the water intstead of anchovy pack? i have a huge bag of the seaweed to make broth that my mother in law gave me.

    • says

      hi sophia yang,
      Are you talking about kelp ?? the seaweed to make broth? .. yes you can use some for making broth.. anchovy gives own flavor to the broth..but kelp is good one for broth too..

  7. Sandy says

    Hi Aeri. Love this recipe, but I could have sworn you did one like this before but using canned mackerel? I was looking for that recipe, but I don’t see it here. Maybe I was dreaming? 😉

    • says

      hi Sandy,
      haha.. you were not dreaming.. you just my good viewer.. 😉
      It was the youtube video I used can.. you can watch the video.. it’s same recipe.. just different type of mackerel i used.. ^^ THANKS

  8. tenzin says

    hey aeri! can i use something else instead of an anchovy pack???i want to try to make this dish tomorrow and the korean supermarket is quite far from my house :sad: !!

    • says

      hi tenzin,
      Oh.. don’t worry, it gives extra good flavor but without anchovy pack, it still tastes great. The main flavor comes from the mackerel. Enjoy your Korean food tomorrow. thanks :)

  9. ditdut says

    Thank you SO much for the recipe. I recently stayed in Korea for a few months and have been craving this since I got back. For some reason I can’t find this in Korean restaurants here.

    This is definitely gonna be my dinner tonite! Thanks again, Aeri!

  10. lynn says

    Hi.I’ve tried this during a visit to Seoul and instantly became a favorite. During my third visit, i bought some, had it frozen, and brought it to Manila. Yum!

  11. AJ says

    Thank you very much. I will look forward to that dish since I’ll be going home to the Philippines this week and would like to try it for my family. :)

  12. AJ says

    Hi. I am currently studying in Daegu and I totally love Korean food! I am looking for a recipe that I love eating in the dormitory restaurant. It is a spicy fish dish that has lots of cabbage but no radish. The good thing is, you don’t have to worry about the bones because it is so tender that you can eat it too! Is it a different fish dish?
    Thank you and looking forward to your reply since I want to cook it when I go back to the Philippines.

    • says

      Hi AJ,
      Nice to meet you !!! About your question.. to be honest, I can’t guess what you are asking..oops.. can you describe a little more about that soup ?? ingredients.. taste… texture.. like that.. it’s stew type or soup ???
      It’s awesome you love Korean food..I hope you make lots of good memories in Korea… thanks

  13. layping says

    my husband and i love this very much. i’m going to cook this tonight!
    please post more fish dishes! i know korean eat lots of fishes and will love to learn more of it. ^that is, after you have recovered from your morning sickness. no hurries!!

    • says

      Hi, layping
      how are you? It’s raining here all day. Did you enjoy your fish stew that night? Yes, we eat lots of fishes in Korea. I just have difficulty to find fresh fish around here…but I will try.. hehe.. :) Have a good week~~

  14. matt says

    Question – do you, before cooking the mackerel, remove little annoyances like skin, bones, and guts? Is it only soft-stomached North Americans who prefer thier fish filleted?

    • says

      Hi, Matt
      Okay..here is my answer..
      Actually for this post, I used fresh mackerel which we usually don’t remove skin and bone for cooking. Just remove guts and wash the blood before you cook. I already recorded video for this recipe and for that video I used American brand canned mackerel..and for that I used bones and skin and only used meat… I will post the video someday after I editing it. I hope my answer was good enough for you. :)

  15. Tracey says

    I had this a long time ago! Thank you for posting this, it’s on of my favs.
    I am going to make it for dinner for my father in law!
    Thank you :)

    • says

      Hi, Tracey
      Nice to meet you !!
      Wow.. it’s your favorite ?? great !!!
      I hope your father in low also enjoyed eating your Korean stew.
      You are very sweet daughter in law.
      Thanks !! :)

  16. Lise says

    Thanks for this recipe! I had a horrible, overly salty one at a restaurant a few months ago and I was sure they didn’t do the recipe right 😉 I tried this and it’s MUCH tastier. Thank you :)

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    • says

      Hi, Jessica
      Hehe.. you remembered it.
      Yes, you can make it by yourself now. of course your mom’s will be far better than this but,, it will be similar at least. Thanks !!!

  17. farleen says

    i was looking around here to figure out what to make for dinner when i came across this recipe…how could i have missed this one?!? this one looks sooo good…uh-oh i’m drooling again. :)

    • says

      Hi, farleen
      Arleen is drooling again ~~~ BIB~~~~
      hehe… arleen..at last, I will leave to Korea tomorrow.. soooo excited now.. ^^

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