Angel Noodle Salad

천사채 샐러드, CheonSaChae SaelReoDeu

This salad is called angel noodle salad in Korea. That is an interesting name, isn’t it? :) I do not know exactly where the name came from, but I guess maybe the clear noodles and white mayo gives it an image of angel? Or, maybe it is because they have such a unique feeling when chewing them, that it could be compared to the unique feeling we would get meeting an angel in a dream? hehe … Well, whatever the reason is, this noodle is made from seaweed jelly (kelp), and it is a low calorie food. If you reduce the amount of mayo or skip it, then it could be a good diet food. Also, it could be good as an appetizer for a party.

Yield: 1 Quart

Short Korean Lesson

  • CheonSa (천사) = Angel
  • AkMa (악마) = Satan

Video Instructions

Main Ingredients

Seasoning Ingredients



Cut the onion, carrot, and cucumber thinly.


Cook the noodles for 15 seconds in the boiling water.


Drain the water. Right after draining water, add 1 Tbsp of vinegar, 1 Tbsp of sugar, and ½ tsp of salt.


Mix everything together and set it aside for 20 minutes.


Meanwhile, add the chopped onions and 2 drops of vinegar into cold water. Set it aside for 10 minutes. This will help reduce the strong onion flavor a little.


After 10 minutes, drain the water. Remove the left over water with a paper towel.


After 20 minutes, drain the liquid from the noodles.


Combine the noodles, all of the vegetables, and 5 to 6 Tbsp of mayonnaise.


Mix everything together. Depending on your tastes, you may want to add 1 Tbsp of sugar or so.


Enjoy! 😀



    Thanks for sharing your recipe please add me to your list , me and my daughter love korean food and want to learn how to make good side dish. thanks

    • says

      I’m very happy to meet you. It is awesome you and your daughter love Korean food. Maybe you can cook some Korean food with your daughter. hehe Thanks

  2. chinina says

    This is the only place I’ve found a recipe for this…and even some of my Korean friends don’t know what it is. THANKS! :mrgreen:

  3. Gennifer Miller says

    Hi, I am so excited to find this recipe. I took my daughter to a Korean restaurant for her 16th birthday last week, and we had this. It was so delicious, we really want to make it. We love your recipes. I told my daughter that you would probably have the recipe. THANKS!

  4. Amanda says

    I bought three packages of the seaweed jelly and made the salad and it was great. Then a few weeks later made it again and the noodles were hard and flat. 😥 What happened? I had kept the seaweed jelly in the refridgerator. Any ideas of what went wrong? Thanks

  5. Maru says

    I was woundering if this jelly noodles have another name, I when to a korean market here in Georgia and asked for them and the lady said that she doesnt know what seaweed jelly noodle are…I was in korea for one year and this dish and bulgogi are my favorite korean food… :-). Is seaweed jelly noodle the same as agar agar? or rice noodle?

    • says

      hi Maru,
      So you went to a Korean grocery store…okay..then ask them..”CheonSaChae noodle” or if you can write down Korean.. you can type “천사채” noodle… and show them.. I hope this work for you.. thanks

      p.s this is not rice noodle.. and i don’t know what is agar agar..^^:;

      • Maru says

        You should sell this noodles here on your website. I whent back to the korean market and she sold me some noodles but i dont know if this are the ones… they are clear and hard she said that i have to boiled them in water for 15 minutes…the brans is sungiven and they are oriental style noodle… :-(

  6. Annie says

    Hi Aeri! 😀
    For this dish, is it best to eat it cold? If there are leftovers, and we put it in fridge, then take it out to eat do we need to reheat it? Or can you eat this dish cold too? hehehe I want to make this!~ Best wishes! 😀 Thanks!

  7. says

    Hi Aeri… i’ve been following your video in Youtube, All the korean cooking are my favorite. Especially this Angel noodle salad. I tired once in a restaurant, is one of the banchan, and i LOVE it.
    Sad to say.. my place (Penang, Malaysia) doesn’t have any Korean supermarket, hence, for me to get this ingredient is kinda hard.
    Anyway… thanks for teaching those mouth watering dish… and God Bless

    • says

      hi Grace,
      Nice to meet you. ^^
      I will try to post more Korean food that you can find the ingredients easily in the future.. thanks !!! God bless you. 😀

  8. chen says

    hi aeri, can you teach me how to make korean apple potato salad pl? this salad i have in korean restaurants are really yummy, the mayonnaise sauce is espcially tasty, what brand should i use please? thanks!!

    • says

      Hi, Medcoco
      Oh… commercial food.. what that means ?? Are you going to sell it ?? I think that’s a good idea.. just I hope it will be successful for your business. :) Thanks !!!

  9. Maya says

    Hi Aeri, I LOVE this site!!! it is my #1 go to place for Korean food!!!

    Are there any other Korean dishes that I can make with the seaweed jelly??
    thx so much :]

    • says

      Hi, Maya
      Wow.. your #1 place to go for Korean food ?? hehe.. I feel honor.. thank you !!! very nice to meet you !!!
      aha.. well I will think of your request… can’t think it right now..hehe thanks !!!

  10. layping says

    i didn’t make this on xmas bcoz i didn’t get that jelly noodle! but will make this saturday! oh ya, my utibe id is donseboutje. i left a msg on yours ;}

  11. layping says

    very well then…oh yes, we are just like u, international couple! but i love both holland and singapore. can’t decide where to settle down. my kids love it here. so am still thinking and thinking….

    • says

      Hi, layping
      If you can,, it will be also great that you can live in both countries.. some years in singapore..and some years in holland something like that.. hehe..I’m happy to know same international couple like you. 😀

  12. layping says

    errrr…don’t know how can u get it in the states. hee, i’m from singapore! but go to holland many times a year…’cos that’s where my husband’s from. next time i go there, i’ll remember to send u one, ok?

    • says

      Hi, layping you are also an international couple like us? aha that’s the reason you could try dutch mayo?? how sweet !!! but you don’t have to send me one. I will just accept your sweet heart. 😀 Thanks !! hehe..

  13. layping says

    oh, i don’t like the american mayo. hmm, u should try the dutch mayo! they are really a country for mayo’s fans and they’ve the best, i think. as for this recipe, i will stick to the korean one. heeee!

    • says

      Hi, layping
      lol..really ~~~ Okay.. stick to the Korean one. YA ~~~ I’ve never tried dutch mayo before. Where can I get it?? If it’s that good..I want to try for my cooking. (I like mayo..hohoho) thanks for good information !!!

    • says

      Hi, Bonechest ^^
      Nice to meet you !!! Wow,,, you live in German and are a scottish. 😀 Thanks for visiting my blog, please come back..hehe Happy Holidays !!!

  14. layping says

    yap, u have it all over the world. it’s called so ‘cos they are as fine as angel’s hair. cool name! btw, do u use korean mayo? i can get them here. so do u suggest i use the korean one? find the korean mayo creamier….

    • Aeri says

      Hi, layping
      I used American mayo.. before my sister in law bought a Korean mayo .. (Since I tempted her to’s good’s this..hehe) and she didn’t like it..oops..and at the end she gave it to me.. (I didn’t do that on purpose …trust me..:) anyway.. she said.. it has stronger egg flavor ?? anyway..stornger flavor.. so I guess… you don’t have to buy a Korean mayo for this..just use American one you already have.. 😀 If you really really want to try Korean mayo, nobody can block you though..;) hehe thanks !!

  15. layping says

    hmm, interesting….angel hair. very well, will include this for my xmas dinner too. why not, it’s angel’s hair afterall. hee,hee!

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