Sweet Potato MatTang

고구마 맛탕, GoGuMa MatTang

Today, I will show you how to make “sweet potato dessert.” It tastes the best when it is still warm right after making it. Korean sweet potatoes are different from American sweet potatoes in taste, texture, and color. They are more sweet and drier. Please try to find Korean sweet potatoes to use for this recipe.

Yield: 3 Servings

Short Korean Lesson

  • GoGuMa (고구마) = Sweet Potato
  • Mat (맛) = Taste, Flavor

Main Ingredients

  • About 3 Cups Sweet Potatoes
  • 6 Tbsp Sugar or Brown Sugar
  • 6 Tbsp Corn Syrup or Honey
  • 1½ Tbsp Oil (Canola or Vegetable)
  • Some Black Sesame Seeds or Sesame Seeds to Garnish
  • Oil For Frying



Peel off the sweet potato skin, and remove any bad parts.


Cut the sweet potato into 1½-inch cubes. (Prepare 3 cups.)


Soak the chopped sweet potatoes in water for 10 minutes to leech out some of the starch. That will make them more crispy and sweet when you fry them.


Dry them with a paper towel so that you will not get hurt when you fry them.


Preheat the oil to about 340°F. Drop in a piece of sweet potato. If it starts to boil in the oil, the oil is hot enough. Fry the sweet potatoes, occasionally stirring them so that they do not stick to the pan or each other.


To check if the potatoes are done, poke one piece with a fork or chopstick. If it goes through smoothly, they are done.


Remove them from the oil, and let any excess oil soak into a few paper towels while they are waiting for the syrup. ^^


In a saucepan, add 6 Tbsp of white or brown sugar, 6 Tbsp of corn syrup or honey, and 1½ Tbsp of canola or vegetable oil. Boil it until the sugar melts on medium low. It is important not to cook it on high (too quickly) or the sauce will harden like candy when it cools.


Pour the hot syrup quickly on the fried sweet potatoes.


Quickly mix them gently.


You can sprinkle some black or regular sesame seeds on top for decoration and extra flavor.


This can be a snack food for kids. If you like sweet potatoes and sweet things, try it someday. Thank you!


  1. foodfreak says

    mmm, love Korean sweet potatoes! in fact, im eating a baked one right now :) will make soon. btw, how do you subscribe by email to yyour blog? I would love to do that. thanks!

  2. Jane says

    hi hello! i love this recipe! goguma mattang is so good. it’ll be my first time i make it. if i make it like overnight and eat it the next day, will it taste bad?

    • says

      hi Jane,
      I can’t say “bad”..but definitely it tastes better when it’s fresh. Imagine the flavor of old boiled potato or sweet potato.. they change the flavor.. so.. ^^

  3. says

    Hi Aeri
    I’ve always loved this dish and never got around to making it. Happy to find your recipe for it and will try it soon. Can I bake the potatoes instead of deep-frying them? By the way i love your website, especially with the korean lessons! It’s s nice touch!

      • xelainea says

        Hi Aeri!

        If we decided to bake it how long would we bake it and what temperature? I just got a few korean sweet potatoes. I can’t wait to try.

        • says

          Hi xelainea,
          Sorry but I didn’t try it in the oven, so can’t tell you exact time and temperature. To tell you right, I need to try it myself first. I think you can search the oven temperature for baking sweet potato and try from there. Sorry for poor answer.

  4. Karen says

    Hi Aeri,

    Thanks for the recipe! It sounds delicious and I can’t wait to try it soon 😀
    I went to a Korean restaurant and they had a similar dish like this but it was like deep fried eggplant with a thin batter and then coated with the sweet syrup.. maybe Eggplant MatTang? would you happen to know what the dish was? It’s difficult to find the recipe as well :( but it was veryy yummyyy like your sweet potato one 😛

    • says

      hi Karen,
      Thanks for your comment. Oh.. that sounds interesting..but actually I can’t guess what you ate.. the Eggplant MatTang..maybe it was their own invention.. sorry for poor answer.. ^^:;

  5. Jenni says

    Hi! Thank you so much for the recipe!! I have been looking around for a simple way to make this, and have finally found it. Other sites make it too complicated.
    I was wondering, can I make this two days ahead and will it still be good? If not, how about one day?

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    • says

      hi Jenni,
      I like mine fresh and warm..but you can keep it in the refrigerator..and heat in the microwave before you eat also.. as I said it will not taste as good as it is fresh though..

  6. Amber Hanna says

    That looks really delicious! but what kind of sweet potato is that? I never seen a white one.
    Where did you get it?

  7. Kimmy says

    I remember had eated this before just couldnt learn it how to do it, i had some main ideas but wasnt sure, nice and clean instructions thx,. btw i used to eat this in like meals in home and not as desert same in restaurants.

  8. yukihana says

    Hi Aeri, Pls help! Wht is the Korean dish where sticky rice with jujubes, chestnuts or pine nuts r placed into a whole pumpkin and steamed called? I can’t seem to find any recipes that teach how to make it. Thks so much :p

    • says

      Hi Chunsa,
      As I mentioned in this recipe, you have to watch to cook this syrup..if you cook too long or too high temperature.. it will be too hard like hard candy. I don’ t know how soft yours was..but if it was runny..it’s okay.. once you coat it to fried potatoes.. later it will be a little harder.. thanks !!!

  9. says

    Thanks for posting a great recipe…my students were making an international thanksgiving feast and made this dish to represent Korea…it was fabulous…

    To all the posters who had issues with the candy not getting hard and crunchy:
    The sugar glaze must be brought up to hard crack stage -300F..you can use a candy thermometer, or eyeball it: if you lift the glaze up and it can form forms a thin, wiry hair that breaks easily, it is at the right temperature

  10. Sue Ann says

    Aeri, thank you so much for posting this recipe.. I love this but I don’t know what is it called. I found it in a korean restaurant. Oh yeah, can you describe further on how a Korean sweet potato like? I am from Malaysia. I cant find Korean Sweet Potato. I want to check whether Malaysian sweet potato suitable or not..Thanks again.. :)

    • says

      Hi Sue,
      Korean sweet potato has different kinds.. the one I use for this recipe is.. very sweet and firm texture .. taste like.. boiled chestnut. I’ve never tried Malaysian sweet potatoes..but why not trying them.. I have feeling it will work and delicious.. hehe thanks

  11. Margaret says

    My son’s future-in-laws will be flying in this week from Korea. I am hosting a dinner party Saturday night and plan on using this for dessert.

    • says

      Hi, Margaret
      Nice to meet you !!!
      Wow.. your future son in law will come back home from Korea ?? great !!! That’s a sweet idea that you cook something for him. I hope he will like this recipe. thanks !! and enjoy your party…

      • says

        Hi Hye Min,
        Oh~~ thanks for your explanation. Yes, I got it mixed up @,@ It’s more clear now.. hehe.. about your question..
        you can use honey and brown sugar.. it’s okay to have darker syrup… actually honey and brown sugar sounds healthier.. just as I mentioned on my post, American sweet potatoes different from Korean ones.. not only the taste but also the texture.. I hope you can find Korean sweet potatoes. ^^

  12. Aimee says

    Thanks so much it looks great and easy for me try ! And i just had one question would it taste diffrent if i had tried using american sweet potatoes becuase right now i dont have korean ones.. =[

    And i love your website !!

    • says

      Hi, Aimee
      I think that not only the texture but also the taste are different between Korean and American sweet potato. American sweet potato has more moisture in it, so when you cook it it’s more mashed.. yes..the taste will be different too.. but if you can’t have Korean ones and like American sweet potatoes..I think it’s worth to try. :) Thanks !!!

  13. fredaj20 says

    Aeri, I tried this dish and my husband loved it. However, the first time I did it it turned out a little crunchy and sweet. It was very good. But, the second and third times I did it, it was not the same. It was not that crunchy. Do you know what might have gone wrong?

    • says

      Hi, fredaj20
      Oh..that’s good that your husband loved it.. Well.. since I don’t know what did you do differently … first time..and second time.. I can’t tell exactly what was wrong… Did you use same kind of sweet potato ??

  14. Cathy says

    Mmm…Yummy! :) My grandma brought me some Korean sweet potatoes a couple of weeks ago and I was craving this. It hit the spot! Thanks!

  15. says

    Hi unni,

    Ya ,yaya seems healthy! Ya , it was good with mayonnaise, but not healthy and fattening! But you can try it! It’s really not bad ! XD see ya!!!

    • says

      Hi, Chuiyew
      the fried potato with mayonnaise..
      Try it sometimes (not often..) will not be that bad…since it’s very delicious..right ??? hehe.. thanks !!!

  16. says

    Oh this seems sweet?? I would like to try this with honey. Unni, i usually cook the potatoes like you did, but i ate with mayonnaise rather than the recipe like yours! XD I will try it!

    • says

      Hi, ChuiYew
      Yep.. honey and brown sugar and sweet potato.. that can be kind of a healthy snack..except deep frying part..hehe wow.. deep fried patato with mayonnaise..?? any other spices in it?? Thanks !!! :)

  17. layping says

    haha! i also got them rock hard on my first try too. making the syrup is really tricky. be patient and u will get it right!

    • says

      Hi, layping
      haha.. you had a same experience??
      Yep.. even after you keep it in the refrigerator, the syrup becomes really hard, that’s the reason why it’s the best to eat right after you make it.

  18. farleen says

    this is one of my favorite things to eat. especially because it’s sweet. 😉 i could eat this all day.

    • says

      Hi, farleen
      Yep, if I liked sweet things, I will definitely like this one. haha.. eat this all day ?? sounds dangerous, arleen. =P Thanks !!

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