Korean Pickled Radish for Fried Chicken

치킨 무, ChiKin Mu

Whenever we order fried chicken in Korea, this pickled radish comes along with it. Usually the amount they give isn’t enough. So it is great to make extra picked radish at home, or if you make Korean fried chicken at home, you can make this picked radish too. It can’t be any easier or simpler than this. Try it someday. :)

Yield: 6 Cups Pickled Radish

Short Korean Lesson

  • SinBu (신부) = Bride
  • SinRang (신랑) = Groom

Video Instructions

Main Ingredients

  • 5 Cups Korean Radish (About 1½ lb)
  • ⅓ Cup White Vinegar
  • ⅓ Cup Water
  • ⅓ Cup White Sugar
  • 1 tsp Salt



Peel the Korean radish.


Slice the radish into ½ inch slices.


Cut the radish into ½ inch cubes.


Mix ⅓ cup of white vinegar, ⅓ cup of water, and ⅓ cup of white sugar, and 1 tsp of salt in a mixing bowl until the sugar dissolves. It is important to use white vinegar. Flavored vinegar will change the taste. You can add more sugar or vinegar; however, with my experimentation, a 1:1:1 ratio for the vinegar, water, and sugar tastes the most delicious.


Mix in the radish.


Put it in wide bottomed container and leave it at room temperature overnight. Then place it in the refrigerator for about 2 to 3 days before serving.


It not only tastes good with Korean fried chicken, but it tastes great with other greasy food as well. I will post the Korean fried chicken recipe soon. :) Enjoy! Tonight for supper, we ate KFC popcorn chicken with this pickled radish. It was delicious. :) If you feel lazy to make fried chicken, eat this with KFC chicken instead. 😉 You will love it. hehe


  1. Qyshia says


    I had already made this pickle but I stored it in the fridge right away. Is it alright to do that? Will the pickle turn out the same as those given by the fried chicken stores? Thanks

    • says

      hi Tina,
      White vinegar doesn’t have extra flavor to it.. so that makes the pickled radish to match for the friend chicken the best..but if you can not have it.. you can use rice vinegar also. thanks

    • says

      hi masayumi,
      The taste and texture seem a little different… between country for their radish..but if that’s only your option..I will say.. try it. ^^ Thanks.

  2. Jin says

    Hi. I’ve made this before and came out great. Do you think I could also add pickles and jalapeños like they have in some Korean restaurants?

  3. Cristy says

    HI Aeri!

    THnk you for this recipe! can I use regular U.S> radish instead of Korean radish? Thnks!cant wait to try your recipe!

    • says

      hi Cristy,
      Sorry, I didn’t try it with regular us radish, so can’t tell the result. You can try it though. If you do, please let me know how it turned out. :) thanks

  4. celine says

    Hello ! Thanks for the recipes !! Since im in Korea I wanted to try to cook some Korean food. I love the side dishes and this radish pickle is so nice. Someone already asked you but I don’t find white vinegar in Korea. My boyfriend thinks that the used one is white with lemon taste. Will it be OK ?
    Again thanks for the recipes ill try to do some of them ^^

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