Green Pepper MuChim

풋고추 무침, PutGoChu MuChim

One of my Korean friends gave me some very fresh Korean green sweet peppers from her garden. Wow! They were so fresh and delicious! We call this pepper “putgochu” (풋고추) in Korean. We could not find an English name for this pepper. The skin is a little thick and the texture is crunchy. It is not very spicy compared to other hot peppers. It even has a little sweet flavor to it. It is good eaten raw, dipped in soybean paste, or used in meat wrapping. Today, I will show you how to make a simple side dish using it. I still have more peppers left, so I will post another recipe using them later. Expect it. 😉

Yield: 1 Cup

Short Korean Lesson

  • Gan (간) = Liver
  • SimJang (심장) = Heart

Main Ingredients

  • 8 Korean Pepper (1 Cup, or 5 oz)
  • 2 Tbsp Soybean Paste
  • 1 Tbsp Minced Garlic
  • ½ Tbsp Sesame Oil
  • ½ Tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tsp Sesame Seeds



Obtain about 8 Korean green sweet peppers.


Wash the peppers and cut them into ½ inch chunks. You do not have to remove the seeds since they are not that spicy. You will get about 1 cup worth of pepper chunks.


Mix 2 Tbsp of soybean paste, 1 Tbsp of minced garlic, ½ Tbsp of sesame oil, ½ Tbsp of sugar, and 1 tsp of sesame seeds together.


Combine the peppers and the seasoning paste.


Mix everything gently. Store it in the refrigerator before serving.


Serve it with rice, other Korean side dishes, and soup. Enjoy. :)


  1. says

    hi valentine heart cookies,
    as I mentioned in the recipe, this dish uses special type of Korean pepper.. and it’s not spicy at all … so if you can get this kind of pepper.. now worry to remove seeds or it’s too spicy.. thanks

  2. cocorae says

    hey aeri, i really want to try this for my korean family too but surpisingly we dont have soybean paste :( but we have samchang and red pepper paste! is there a way i can use the recipe with any of those paste? ❓

    • says

      hi cocorae,
      samjang has some other seasonings in it. you can try it instead since you don’t have soy bean paste..but you will not need extra red pepper paste.. thanks..

  3. says

    Hi Aeri,

    In Europe we have ‘Romano’ peppers, they are red but they are thinner than bell peppers and a little sweeter. I think they should work well – maybe people can find the in the US too? Looks delicious by the way :smile:

    • says

      hi Annabelle,
      Oh.. thank you. I really wondered what kind of pepper can be replaced to it for this recipe in America or other countries. :) big help..hehe

    • says

      hi James,
      That’s what I wanted to find too. All I could find was.. “Korean sweet pepper” but I didn’t want to give wrong idea to people who don’t know about these peppers..and they think.its like american sweet peppers.. hehe

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