Tofu Jeon

두부 전, DuBu Jeon

Tofu is a very common ingredient in Korean cuisine, and tofu jeon is a delicious way to eat it. Tofu and garlic go together well. Like my other recipes, it is a very simple and tasty dish to try. Recently, I have been posting many meat dishes, so I am very glad to post this vegetarian friendly recipe for you today. 😉

Yield: 20 Tofu Jeon

Short Korean Lesson

  • Gam (감) = Persimmon
  • Gang (강) = River

Video Instructions

Main Ingredients

  • 1 Pack Firm Tofu (18 oz)
  • ¼ Cup Flour
  • 2 Eggs
  • 3 Tbsp Minced Garlic
  • 2 Tbsp Green Onion
  • ½ Tbsp Red Hot Pepper
  • ¾ tsp Salt



Rinse one pack of firm tofu in cold water once. Dry the tofu with a paper towel and then mash it with your hands or a fork. You will get about 1½ cups.


Mince 3 Tbsp worth of garlic, finely chop 2 Tbsp worth of green onion, and ½ Tbsp worth of red hot pepper.


Add 2 eggs, ¼ cup of flour, the chopped vegetables, and ¾ tsp of salt to the tofu. Mix everything together.


Put one spoonful of tofu mixture in a generously heated and oiled pan. Form it into a circle with your spoon.


Fry the tofu mixture on medium-high until both sides become golden brown. Do not flip them too often; flip when one side is done.


Reducing the salt, hot pepper, and garlic can turn this into a good snack or side dish for kids. In few minutes, you can prepare great food. It is delicious. Try it someday. 😉


  1. Rachel Lee says

    Hello Aeri,

    A perfect dish for vegetarian!! My 2-year old daughter and husband loved the dish. I recently found your website and look forward to trying other recipes.

    Thank you! Rachel

  2. Caroline says

    Thank you, Aeris, for this easy and delicious recipe!
    I made this just now, using barley flour and adding frozen mixed veges., and these taste really delicious! Decided to put the remaining ones in the freezer, so I can heat them up tomorrow, and share them with my parents.

  3. Sarah says


    Thank you for this recipe! I did not fry the patties but used just a bit of cooking spray to reduce the oil. I think the texture is probably different, but it was delicious anyway!

    Thank you very much! 😀

  4. Rachel says

    Hi Aeri,

    May I know do I have to use plain white flour, or could I use the pajeon mix to replace cause I does not have white flour at home.

  5. Kelly says

    Hello aeri,my son is 19mths old and he’s fussy about foods.he ate only 2/1bowl of 2meals per day. Can you post recipe for fussy kids thanks

    • says

      hi Kelly,
      I keep thinking of posting recipes for kids..and not doing it.. oh.. if your son doesn’t eat well, you will concern. Does he eat lots of snack food ? like dessert.. candy.. fast food ?? etc ?? I do believe that once the kids get into those taste, they don’t want to eat normal healthy food… anyway..I will try to post kid recipes too. thanks

  6. linda says

    This was so yummy!!! My boyfriend, who usually eats meat, fell in love with tofu! I didn’t have firm tofu, so I used soft tofu and a bit of corn starch to thicken the batter before I served it. Also I made a Soy Sauce/Sesame Oil/Sesame Seed sauce to dip the Tofu Pancake in!

  7. Daffodil says

    Hi Aeri

    I tried the above recipe but the jeon is too soft.. Any idea why? when u mentioned 1/4 cup of flour, how big is the cup? Thanks

    • says

      hi Daffodil,
      Did you use firm tofu or normal tofu ?? because that can be the reason yours is too soft.. if your batter is too runny.. you can always add a little more flour …. my measuring cup is.. American standard measuring cup.. thanks

    • says

      hi Emily,
      If you don’t have. you can skip the hot pepper.. jalapeno can be too spicy to use for this recipe.. but if you like spicy food.. it can be okay.

  8. Bo Sueyoshi says

    Hi my dear friend!
    I make a very similar dish. Since my husband said his stomach cannot tolerate hot foods anymore, I make mine without the hot pepper 😥 I add either a can of salmon of tuna, eggs, and green onions. But next time I’m going to add garlic (just bought a huge container of garlic at the k-store) and I love the idea of adding a little flour! Sometimes I chop up a little “mild” kimchi for extra flavor.
    I miss you!!

    • says

      hi Bo Sueyoshi,
      ^^ I miss you too. if your husband can’t eat spicy food..for this recipe.. just make the mixture without hot pepper..and fry them .. for yours.. just drop some pieces of chopped hot peppers on it when you fry them.. ^^ kimchi sounds good .. hehe thank you so much. Maybe I need to go back to facebook soon. I miss you guys a lot. lol

  9. Dillon says

    Hehe! I see someone walking across behind you aeri at 55 seconds into the video. So cute!
    My 3 year old daughter loves tofu. It is her favorite thing in the world to eat. She will love this dish.

  10. says

    Dear Aeri,

    It is another good dish for me to try. By the way, your Bible verse sharing is marvellous. The tongue is really difficult to control. Pray we bear more self-control. 😳

  11. Neyma says

    Hi Aerie,

    I just tried making this dish tonight. It was easy and delicious and my 3 year old daughter loved it, so did I! I also tried your Black Bean JaBan. That was a hit with the family.

    Thanks for your easy and delicious recipes.

  12. Shelley McClure says

    Hi Aeri–

    I’ve been crazy for Korean food since I lived there 10 years ago. The one thing I cannot seem to recreate or find a recipe for is what was call “chicken cheese ramen” and we used to buy it from the KUTUSA snack bar on post. I know that this isn’t true Korean food, but it’s delicious. Any ideas on a recipe? Thanks so much.


    • says

      hi Shelley McClure,
      Sorry.. as you said.. it must be fusion food.. I’ve never tried “chicken cheese ramen..” “kutusa” sounds like a Japanese name.. it is a japanese store ?? sorry for poor answer..

    • Francisco says

      Hi Shelly,
      I happened upon your post while searching for Chicken Cheese Ramyun myself. I was stationed in Korea in 2002 and haven’t had any since then, but for whatever reason I developed a craving for it 10 years later. So, quick and dirty of it– I believe this to be the building blocks for the recipe:

      * 1 packet Nong Shim ‘Shin Ramyun’ (spicy) Noodles
      * 1/2 Chicken Breast cooked,chopped, and pulled(per your preference)
      * 1 Kraft Single

      Do a quick Google search for that brand of Ramyun (its a Korean Brand and I was able to find it in a Kroger supermarket–although if you have an Asian supermarket nearby they will probably have a better selection) Leave the dehydrated vegetable packet out–just add the spicy mix.

      The KATUSA (Korean Augmentee To United States Army) Snack Bar and restaurants outside the bases are where you would traditionally find this style of Ramyun. (which explains why you don’t see it in restaurants as its not a traditional style.

      Hope this helps! :mrgreen:

  13. Edvill82 says

    annyeong aeri my chingu. this looks great. maybe i’ll try this. say hi to bryson :) miss seeing you both in facebook 😛

  14. Mei Wang says

    We are starting to have a no meat day every week on monday in our family, so I am looking for recipes or ideas like this one. But couldn’t wait until next monday, I have decided to try it out tonight. Thank you!

  15. Rebecca says

    I just made this and it was delicious! I want to give a tip to those who can’t have flour (like me). You can substitute the 1/4cup flour for 1/4cup flaxseed meal. I did this and it turned out great!

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