Acorn Jelly

도토리묵, DoToRiMuk

Acorn jelly, called “DoToRi” in Korean, is a popular Korean ingredient. As the name implies, it is a jelly made with acorn starch. It is a firm jelly, very similar to gelatin, but does not contain any animal products, which makes it good for vegetarians. Acorn jelly itself is a little nutty and bitter, so it is best to eat this with something else, rather than by itself. There are several very delicious Korean dishes using acorn jelly. I will introduce them one by one in the future. People believe that acorn jelly is a good diet food since it is low in calories. It is easy to find in Korea, so most people buy it from a grocery store, or when eating an acorn jelly dish in a restaurant. However, the only thing I can find in America is acorn starch. It is nice to share this homemade acorn jelly recipe with others who, like me, cannot buy pre-made acorn jelly. Try it someday.

Yield: 3 Pounds

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Kimchi Juk

김치 죽, GimChi Juk

When you have leftover cooked rice, what do you usually do with it? There are many creative ways of eating leftover rice. Today, I will show one very simple and delicious way to eat leftover rice – kimchi porridge. The soft texture of this porridge, with its savory kimchi flavor in a homemade broth, tastes great.

Yield: 2 Servings

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Salted Shrimp

새우젓, SaeWu Jeot

Salted shrimp, called “saewujeot” in Korean, is usually used in making kimchi. It can be used for flavoring in other dishes too. It is just salted and fermented small shrimp. You can buy them in a Korean or Asian grocery store.

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  • Use:

  • Storage:
    Keep in the refrigerator.

  • Types:
    Liquid type
    Liquid with shrimp

Homemade Red Bean AngGeum

적앙금, JeokAngGeum

Red bean paste is called “PatAngGeum (팥앙금)” or “JeokAngGeum (적앙금)” in Korean. It is used for different kinds of sweet Korean dishes and desserts such as red bean porridge, red bean rice cakes, red bean ice cream, red bean paste bread, and so on. “Pat” means red bean, “Jeok” means red, and “AngGeum” means a paste. You can easily buy pre-made red bean paste in a can from a Korean or Asian grocery store; however, it is good to make your own at home, since it is healthier and tastier. I have been asked to make this recipe from many people who cannot buy it. So today, I very happy to share my recipe for red bean paste. Once you taste the delicious homemade red bean paste, you will not want to buy the one in the can anymore. ;) Try it someday.

Yield: 2 Quarts

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