Cannellini Bean GwaJa

상투 과자, SangTu GwaJa

Cannellini bean cookies, called SangTu GwaJa in Korean, can easily be found in Korean bakeries. The Korean name is interesting because “sangtu” means a married man’s haircut – a topknot. “Gwaja” is a type of snack food like cookies or chips. Since these cookies look like topknot haircuts, Koreans called them “sangtu gwaja.” Another unique thing about this recipe is that there is no flour in it, which makes it great for those who have an allergy to wheat. My husband said he was surprised that there are no grains used to make them when he tried them for the first time. The main ingredients are: cannellini bean paste (a.k.a. white kidney beans) and almond powder. They are very tasty and sweet cookies. The texture is slightly chewy, but mostly, it is cake-like: as if they have flour in it.

Yield: 50 Bean Cookies

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Beef & Radish Guk

소고기 무국, SoGoGi MuGuk

Beef and radish guk is a Korean soup that is eaten daily. This can be good for people who like Korean food, but cannot eat spicy food. The marinated beef and radish gives great flavor to the broth, and the texture of cooked radish with tender beef is good together. Try it someday. :)

Yield: 4 Servings

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Collard Greens MuChim

콜러드 그린스 무침, Collard Greens MuChim

Collard greens are not used in Korean cuisine. One day, I experimented with them for use in a Korean dish. I made a side dish by frying canned collard greens with some Korean seasonings. It was good, but I wanted to try fresh collard greens, especially since collard greens are supposed to be healthy. The result is this recipe. It is simple, yet very tasty. I am very satisfied with the result. Please try it someday. :)

Yield: 3 Cups

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Crown Daisy Jeon

쑥갓 전, SsukGat Jeon

Crown daisy, called “ssukgat” in Korean, is an edible chrysanthemum. In Korean cuisine, it is often used because of the unique flavor. It gives extra flavor to some dishes and soups, similar to the way some herbs are used in Western cuisine to add flavor. Crown daisy jeon is considered a healthy and tasty Korean pancake. Try this someday. :)

Yield: 2 Servings

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Bachelor Radish Kimchi

총각 김치, ChongGak GimChi

Bachelor radish kimchi is a very popular summer kimchi in Korea. You might wonder why the name is “bachelor kimchi.” In the old days, boys who did not marry had to wear a special haircut that was styled like the shape of this radish. So Koreans called this radish, “bachelor radish,” and the kimchi made with it is called “bachelor radish kimchi.” With well fermented bachelor kimchi, you can make different kinds of korean dishes. Of course, just eating the kimchi with rice also taste awesome.

Yield: 1½ Gallons

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