Army Base JjiGae

부대 찌개, BuDae JjiGae

Army base soup, budae jjigae was originated during and after the Korean War, when Koreans had very little to eat. People made this dish by combining leftover Spam and hot dogs from U.S. Army facilities, and mixed it with whatever else was available. All of the leftovers were combined with water in a large pot and boiled. Nowadays, most Koreans have enough to eat, but this soup is still very popular with more varied ingredients added to it. Try it someday.

Yield: 2-3 Servings

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Endive Dressing

Endive dressing is a sweet and sour salad dressing that goes well with endive. I love bacon, but if you do not eat bacon you can leave it out. When we eat this, we also like fried potatoes as a side dish.

Yield: 5 Servings

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Aeri’s Kitchen Website Updates

Hi everyone! Maybe some of you have noticed some changes made to Aeri’s Kitchen during past week or so. Since not all of the changes may be immediately noticeable, we wanted to take some time and share them with you. We made four changes to the website: shopping, printing, searching, and commenting.

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Kimchi Patties Using Dumpling Filling

만두속 김치 전, ManDuSok GimChi Jeon

Have you ever had leftover dumpling filling? Recently, I made a large batch of garlic chive dumplings. Those delicious dumplings are now steamed and waiting in the freezer to be eaten later. I feel very satisfied having frozen dumplings on hand, since they are convenient for quick meals later. Anyway, for that batch, I had some leftover filling, and with it, I made this recipe. Maybe you had the same experience before and did not know what to do with it; this is a good solution for that problem. ;) Simply mixing the dumpling filling with a few other ingredients turns into a very tasty snack or appetizer. :)

Yield: 15 Patties

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