Soybean Sprout Guk

콩나물 국, KongNaMul Guk

Soybean sprout guk is the most common daily soup in Korea. Since it is very quick and simple to make, and the flavor is mild, it is popular as a Korean breakfast soup. Korean people say that it is also good for a hangover, but I cannot attest to that. There are different versions of soybean sprout soup; this recipe is a basic version. Try it someday.

Yield: 2 Servings

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Sweet Corn Salad

콘 샐러드, Con Salad

Sweet corn salad is a popular side dish that Western restaurants such as KFC and Pizza Hut serve in Korea. It might seem strange since this recipe is not served in the USA, but many Western restaurants change their menu according to local tastes. That means this recipe is a Korean styled dish, even though it was popularized by Western restaurants. The flavor is very good when eating greasy food. The onion and sweet pepper, in a sweet and sour sauce, helps to remove the oily taste from your mouth. It also can be good as an appetizer or side dish for other kinds of food. :)

Yield: 1½ Cups Corn Salad

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Dumpling Wrapper Hotteok

만두피 호떡, ManDuPi HoTteok

Hi Everyone! Today, I will make a very quick and delicious crispy hottoek using left over dumpling wrappers. Sometime ago, I posted a garlic chive dumpling video and I saved some leftover dumpling wrappers for later. This dumpling wrapper hottoek is one way to use those leftover dumpling wrappers. It takes time to make the dough for traditional hottoek, and it is a little difficult to handle that sticky dough. So, this dumpling wrapper hottek is an easy and fast way to make hottoek. Of course, the texture will be very different, but the flavor is good enough to satisfy your mouth if you like hottoek. Try it someday.

Yield: 8 Servings

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