1. Really great pictures, descriptions and step-by-step illustration! Looks amazingly delicious!

  2. Hi Aeris, your ingredients list calls for 3/4 warm water but your directions ask for 3/4 warm milk to mix with the yeast; which one brings the best results?

  3. Hi~ Aeri

    I love your cooking channel

    I love Hot Dog Bbang, 소세지 빵, SoSeJi Bbang

    I also like your other food that you made it is so yummy

    Good Job Aeri and Keep trying so you can make people happy to watch your cooking Channel

  4. My family loves to watch all your YouTube videos. Loooovvve all the interactions between you and the boys!!!! Can’t make my boy eat everything I make:) . Keep up the good work…

    Your true fans in San Francisco

    • hi zlee,
      That will be an interesting recipe to share. Thanks for the idea. Btw.. you know that we call hot dog for corn dog in Korea?? I guess when the food came from America.. they mixed up the proper name for it. We call sausage for hot dog in Korea.. lol

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