Clay Pot BulGoGi

뚝배기 불고기, TtukBaeGi BulGoGi

Bulgogi is a very popular marinated Korean beef dish. If you make so much bulgogi that you cannot eat it all at once, what can you do with it? You can put some of the uncooked marinated beef in a freezer bag, and put it in the freezer for a quick meal later. It still tastes good and it is very easy to prepare since it will be ready to cook. Today’s recipe is a use for excess bulgogi: bulgogi stew. Just adding some vegetables and noodles will result in this quick dish. Of course it is very delicious too. Since I already posted a bulgogi recipe before, I will skip that part and post a link to that recipe instead.

Yield: 2 Servings

Short Korean Lesson

  • TtukBaeGi (뚝배기) = A clay pot
  • Dol (돌) = Stone

Main Ingredients



Prepare 2 cups of marinated bulgogi, 1 handful of spinach, 1 handful of enokitake mushrooms (or your favorite mushrooms), and 1 handful of cellophane noodles (DangMyun).


Remove the bottom of the mushrooms.


In a pot, add 2 cups of marinated bulgogi and 1 cup of water.


Cut 1 handful of cellophane noodles in half with scissors. Before you add the noodles to the stew, boil the noodles in water for about 5 minutes. This will help to make them easier to handle. When the stew starts to boil, add the noodles.


Boil the stew on medium until the beef is completely cooked. It is important not to cook the meat at too high of a temperature so that the meat will become tender.


Once the beef has complete cooked, add one handful of spinach and one handful of enokitake mushrooms. Boil for 2 more minutes on high, and then turn off the heat. Since I added some of the sauce from the marinated beef in the stew, I didn’t have to add any other seasonings. However, if your stew is not salty enough, add a little.


You can eat this with just rice: no side dishes required!


  1. Rose says

    Hi thank you for all your recipes. I purchased the clay pot but could not find the bottom portion that you lay the pot on to protect the table. What is it called? Where could I buy it? I couldn’t find it in the Korean grocery store thank you. Please reply.

  2. Shireen says

    Hi Aeri

    I cooked your Clay Pot Bulgogi. my family like it,my daughter loves it much.
    I am glad that I can find all your Korean seasoning since there are lots of Korean living in Here.Thank you very much Aeri.
    I will do continue use your recipes to cook for my family and friends.
    By the way Do you have recipe for soy bean past dish ?
    Do you have recipe for black bean rice and what gravy or dished can served with black bean rice ?
    I apreciate your effort.Shireen from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. :smile:

    • says

      hi Shireen,
      Thanks for trying my recipes :)
      If you search soy bean paste on my blog.. you can find different kinds of recipes that I used soy bean paste.
      I didn’t post any recipe using black bean rice..I will add it to my list.. thanks

  3. Karletha says

    I made the soup and am verify happy with the results. I had to tweak it a bit because I don’t have the ingredients that are accessible like the enoki mushrooms, Asian pear juice and white sugar. I used portobello mushrooms and brown sugar. Thank you Aeri, I did purchase your book. There was recipes on your site that reminded me of my years living in Yongsan and Osan.
    Do you have the recipe for the little custard pastrys shaped as little fishes or corn husks that they sell in the subway stations? Those were my favorite! 😆

    • says

      hi Karletha,
      Thanks for trying my recipes. :) Happy to hear that you got good result. About your request, you mean.. the fish shape bread has red bean paste filling in it ?? I will add it to my list. thanks :)

  4. Leegro says

    I have been trying your recipe with no success :( I’m a soldier in the Army and was stationed in Yongsan during the winter and this dish would hit the spot whenever i got a chance to get it…I can make the bulgogi fine but the broth (my favorite part) could it be because of the fat etc that cooks with it? can i just strain it out?? help cause i really want to eat this again….thanks for all your help

    • says

      hi Leegro,
      I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get any success to try my recipes so far. What kind of dishes did you try and what was the problem ?? anyway…about your question, didn’t understand your question exactly.. you are asking.. drain the fat from bulgogi to cook this dish? if you keep the bulgogi in the refrigerator for sometime.. it might get hard (milky color) fat… it’s up to you.. you can just use it for this recipe..or remove it and cook. thanks

  5. says


    adorei o seu site! Eu não gosto muito desses tipos de comida, mas achei muito interessante esses pratos, e essa receita também. Não sei se um dia provarei, mas esse pelo menos, acho que deve ser bem gostoso.

    Eu li nos post, que a senhora está grávida ^^ Parabéns, e eu espero que o seu filho venha com muita saúde e que seja muito esperto! Parabéns de verdade! ^^


      • Brian says

        Here is a quick translation to English — Seems pretty good for google translate.

        love your site! I do not like these types of food, but I found these very interesting dishes, and this recipe as well. Do not know if one day prove, but that at least I think it should be pretty good.
        I read the post, that you are pregnant ^ ^ Congratulations, and I hope your son comes with a lot of health and is very smart! Congratulations indeed! ^ ^
        kiss *

  6. Caroline says

    I made this dish tonight and it was really really good! Some more bulgogi meat is marinating right now in my fridge and I can’t wait to eat it tomorrow! I have been cooking a lot of your recipes recently and they are all fantastic! Hm I am using a lot of exclamations points I think but that’s just because I am so excited about all this good food :)

  7. jhayne says

    hi aeris,
    i accidentally found your site and i love it.. at first i dont like korean food its too spicy but after couple of months living in KOrea waaa im loving the food,culture people and everything.. anyway aeris i need your help? pls.. how to cook ppyohechanguk and jukpal? thanks

    • says

      Hi jhayne,
      I’m very happy to meet you.. ^^ It’s great that your life in Korea is good. okay..I will add jukpal..then..I didn’t understand what ppyohechanguk means..oops sorry..which one are you talking about ?? ^^:;

      • jhayne says

        ok maybe may spelling is wrong.sorry my computer dont have Korean characters bbyohejanguk is it right? its a pork bone soup with bean sprouts..its not the gamjatang..anyway i just made kimchi..and i think it came out perfectly..tnx

        • says

          Hi jhayne,
          aha..I got it now.. you mean.. soup you eat for hangover ?? it has bone and meat in it..right ?? I got it.. I wonder if I can get all the ingredients for it here but I will try someday.. ^^ thanks !!! I’m happy to hear that your kimchi came out great.. assa

          • jhayne says

            yes thats it…theres another food i love and i hope you can teach me how to cook it..its the ojingo(squid) bibimbap.. oh im starving ..*^^*.. keep safe..

          • jhayne says

            aeris im sorry for asking alot of favors on you, i justlove korean foods.. a friend of mine ate PALBUCEA she said its delicious can you also add that on your side..tnx

          • says

            Hi jhayne,
            hehe.. no problem.. you can ask many requests.. just I feel sorry that I can’t post that quickly. Will you be patience for me right ?? hehe.. thanks :)

  8. Audrey says

    Hi Aerie,
    i tried the hoddoek yesterday, and the bulgogi today, and it was a great success.
    i really like your site, and i’m gonna try other of your recipes.

  9. crzycpl says

    Hi Aeri. I had a Korean cooking week last week so tried many of your recipes on my friends. This one was great as I had left over beef bulgogi from the night before and didn’t know what to do with it. I improvised my dish using your recipe. Thanks for the tips!

  10. ana wears prada says

    Hi aeris, annyeong ha seyo! Im so glad that you have this site. You really helped me alot. You make it easier for me to understand the precedures on how to cook Korean Food. As well as giving me additional knowledge with regards to different types of food which I can cook daily. Thanks so much and I hopeI can chat with you so I can learn more. Jumla guma wo! ^^

    • says

      Hi, ana wears prada
      ^^ your name is unique.. do you wear prada ?? your name is Ana ?? just curious..;) I’m very happy to meet you.. hope to see you more often..
      by the way.. your Korean is good. 😉

    • says

      Hi, Jeff
      Hey~~~ order it at the restaurant not cook it by yourself at home ?? =P hehe.. joke~~~ I’m sure you will not regret to order it. Enjoy !!! thanks !!!

  11. Minta says

    This is the first time I have seen your site! 뚝배기 불고기 is my favorite Korean dish and I’ve been dying to make it! I tried someone else’s recipe today and it didn’t taste anything like it should have =( So I am excited to try yours now ^^ If worse comes to worse I will go bribe the cooks at the Korean restaurant nearby, kkkk~ Thanks!

    • says

      Hi, Minta
      Nice to meet you !!! :)
      As I mentioned on my post, it’s very important to have good marinated bulgogi to get good 뚝배기 불고기. I hope you can try my recipe someday..and you like it. Good luck. :) Thanks ~~~~

  12. says

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


    • says

      Hi, Ruth
      Nice to meet you !!!
      I’m very happy to hear that you like my blog and will visit often. assa !!!
      Yes.. I want to see you here more often. Thanks !! I will visit your blog also. :)

  13. fredaj20 says

    Aeri, thanks! ^^ I made this dish tonight with my leftover frozen bulgogi marinade and my husband loved it!

  14. jhny69 says

    WoW! another great recipe… thanks aeris… layping is right… i rarely have leftover bulgogi bcoz its sooo good… i guess i just have to make more bulgogi… hehehe

  15. layping says

    looks good! however i seldom have any leftover bulgogi. bcos they’re so yummy due to ur recipe. h’ever i’ll remember this genious idea in case i do :}

    • says

      Hi, layping
      haha.. your bulgogi must be really really good.. no leftover bulgogi.. good !!!
      Thanks.. (Thanks for your concern about me.)

    • says

      Hi, farleen
      Thanks my friend…
      I feel a little better today.
      I might tell the good news to everybody.. so people will understand better when I don’t reply fast enough..and can’t post things for a while.. what do you think of it.. ??

      • farleen says

        i think that is a good idea… some people are sensitive and might take it the wrong way when u don’t reply fast enough. :(

        but anyway, i hope you are doing great! i miss you very much. we’ll chat when you feel better! it will be a little rough for you the first few months. :)


        • says

          Hi, farleen my friend ~~~
          Oh.. first few months ?? not few weeks ?? 😥 hehe joke ~~~
          Yes… I will endure and try to enjoy this time… huk..can I ?? hehe..
          anything new over there ??
          Miss you ~~~~ What will you do this weekend ???

  16. says

    WOW..easy job!! Looks so great unni! Hmm, unni, don’t forget you should rest more now!! XDi miss you and take care of yourself !!!

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

    • says

      Hi, ChuiYew
      Yep..very easy..and yummy…
      I feel a little better today.. so I decided to reply all the comments … I hope I will not get tired soon again..hehe thanks !!!

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