Red Bean BingSu

팥빙수, PatBingSu

Today, I will introduce you to a Korean summer dessert. Many people from YouTube requested this. It was amazing to see how many people know about this Korean dessert and love it. It is summer now and fortunately, I could find most of the ingredients for potbingsu in the Korean grocery store. Actually, I thought that at least one or two ingredients would be hard to get here, such as the crushed red beans and the special sticky rice cakes for potbingsu. My husband can tell you how happy I was when I saw them in the store. hehe … The ice with red beans, milk, fruits, rice cakes, and corn flakes give it good flavor. Of course, it is a very cool dessert for the hot summer days. Thanks!

Yield: 1 Serving

Short Korean Lesson

  • Pot (팥) = Red Bean
  • BingSu (빙수) = Crushed ice with sweet things

Video Instructions

Main Ingredients



Grind some ice to get 1½ cup of crushed ice. It was the first time I tried my new KitchenAid blender, and it worked pretty good.


In a serving bowl or cup, add the crushed ice and ⅛ cup of milk.


Put 3 Tbsp of red beans for potbingsu on top of the ice.


Add 2 Tbsp of condensed milk on top of the red beans. The amount controls the sweetness.


Add 1 or 2 Tbsp of crushed or chopped pineapple. Add 3 Tbsp of chopped watermelon on top.


Add 2 Tbsp of sticky rice cakes for potbingsu.


Finally, add 1 or 2 Tbsp of corn flakes on top of everything.


It looks very colorful and cool. Before eating, mix everything together. This recipe will give you an authentic taste for this dessert, but you can adjust the recipe depending on your taste or preference. I hope you will like this Korean summer dessert.


  1. Mini says

    Aeri, I find most canned red beans way too sweet and lack flavour. Do you have a recipe for making red bean paste from scratch?

    • says

      hi Mini,
      You can just boil red beans until it is cooked but not too soft..and drain the water..and cook with sugar or corn syrup and little bit of salt.. if the consistency is too thick.. you can add some water…the sugar can be like syrup.. I do not have a recipe for this particular type red bean for bingsu.. thanks

  2. tokki says

    mmm, this reminds me of my trip to korea! i had patbingsu but there was no red bean! just some fruity syrup and fruit and ice! it was really good though! maybe i’ll try making this one day…

  3. Caheri says

    Hi Aeri!!
    I’m from Mexico and I like Korean food very much, specially your recipies 😉
    Seriously congrats! your website is wonderful 😀

  4. says

    안녕하세요 , 애리 언니 !!!
    Wow , I really want to make this after I watch ‘ Hello Baby – 소녀시대 ‘… 😛
    Finally , I found how to make it at you website…
    감사합니다!!! 😀

      • says

        오,고마워!!!ㅋㅋㅋ^^ 😳
        언니,I really like your website… 😉
        Because , I really like Korean Food…haha^^
        I already try to make 김치,김밥,떡볶이,순두부 찌개,불고기…ㅋㅋㅋ :mrgreen:
        And,I will try another recipe too… hehe 😛

  5. Carlos says

    I had some today at this Korean bakery in New York City (Queens to be exact) and I was amazed by it. It is so good! I am on a quest to make it at home for my family members and friends and have them taste this wonderful dessert. The owners were Protestant Christian and I am a Catholic Christian, so when I saw this beautiful painting of Jesus in front of me where I sat to eat it I thought about him and I came up with this funny saying, PatBingSu is almost like Heaven in a cup. Haha. Can I find these ingredients in most Korean supermarkets?

    • says

      hi Carlos,
      lol heaven in a cup.. cute imagination ^^
      about your question.. it’s summer food.. so usually you will find it easier in the summer in Korean stores.. thanks

  6. Jina says


    I’m korean but really can’t cook…cuz i’m only 12!

    my grandma use to make them last summer. She didn’t use rice cake but ALOT of red beans. It was good that way also.

    I love yer site! I’ma need all these info when I grow up…

    can you do boong a pang 2? the gold fish shaped dessert that they sell on streets.

  7. nominoog says

    Hi Aeri, nice to see your recipes. I love Korean dishes, but can’t make it my own. I am from Mongolia, and we can stay in touch.

    • says

      Hi, nominoog
      I’m very happy to meet you too. :)
      Oh.. you can’t make your own Korean food because you can’t find Korean ingredients ?? I wish you could.. anyway.. yep.. hope to see you again on my blog.. thanks !!!

  8. says

    omg, i love paht bing soo – or however you want to spell it. i think my fav part is the mochi.

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  9. Annie says

    Hello Aeri ! 😀
    This is Annie again..
    I want to tr to make this recipe ! It looks so delishous =P !!!!!!
    Hmm.. do you think that I can find the sticky rice cakes for PotBingSu in a korean store ? Or it is a hard ingrediant to find ? ^^ I want to eat this right now ! hehe.. I already brought all the ingrediants except for the sticky rice cakes… ^^

    • says

      Hi, Annie
      Hehe.. happy to see you again~~~ 😀 Yes, you can find the sticy rice cakes for potbingsu in a Korean sotre..but it seems like not all stores have it. plus..they only sell it in the summer I guess. Online Korean grocery store sells it too. Thanks !!! :)

  10. layping says

    wow, you have put up lots of posts since i was last here. grrr8 for everyone. i like this, especially if u eat it with red bean paste. yummy. i haven’t tried the korean version. so, i will try making this on one of the hottest days. cheers!

    • says

      Hi, layping
      hehe.. I still feel that I’m not posting things enough… but yes.. I posted some new things these days. hopefully..I can most things more frequently… hehe Oh.. please try it.. you will love it. 😉 Thanks !!!

  11. says

    We have something similar in Indonesia called “Es Campur” (Mix Shaved Ice) and our topping include shaved coconut, jackfruits, and some kind of jelly. :)

    Oh… the sticky rice cakes for Pot Bing Su look so similar to mochi. It’s different with mochi, though, isn’t it?

    • says

      Hi, Ivana
      Oh… you have similar one in Indonesia too ??? interesting !!!! I’m sure that will taste great too. Yep.. it’s similar to mochi. almost same. :) thanks !!!

  12. fredaj20 says

    Can I make my own 빙수떡? I thought that if I used your other recipe for 찹쌀떡 and left out the red bean, then cut it in small pieces and refrigerated it, it would be the same, right?

    • says

      Hi, fredaj20
      Oh course you can make your own 빙수떡… yep.. that’s exactly right. so smart 😉 yep.. use the recipe for 찹쌀떳.. just add a little more sugar for it. Thanks !!!

    • says

      Hi, Tammy
      LOL… Puhahahaha… you are really funny tammy..Potbingsu is the bibimbap of dessert…that makes sense.. haha… thanks ~~~

  13. farleen says

    DESSERT!!!!! :)

    this looks similar to a filipino dessert called “halo-halo”

    i have to try this! i love desserts :)

    *hi bryson. :) *

    • says

      Hi, farleen
      What a cute picture you have now !!! LOVE IT !!! hehe..
      Yes.. I heard of “halo-halo” on youtube comments also. I’m sure that is also cool and delicious dessert. right ?

      Hi, Aunt arleen. 😉 (Bryson said..)

      • farleen says

        i’ll send you a halo halo recipe – there’s alot of coconut in it. Very tropical! :)

        hope you and hubby and bryson are doing well. it feels like i haven’t talked to you for a really long time. i miss you very much. *hugs*

        • says

          Hi, Farleen
          Yep.. I will definitely want to try halo halo. thanks !!!

          We are okay. Bryson is very active these days..which makes me happy to feel his movement. hehe
          I wonder farleen’s delicious supper menu tonight. 😉 love you ~~~

  14. Jeff says

    Wow!! I always make something similar to this, since HK and Taiwan food has something called “shaved ice.”

    I will look for the dduk for patbingsu next time I visit the korean grocery! Thanks for the recipe! I hope you’re doing well on your pregnancy :)

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